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Our Team​​
The VEN team has extensive veterinary experience and relationships in many areas of the marketplace with key subject matter experts.
Our only focus is in veterinary science.

Our highly experienced staff understands the veterinary business, the challenges and the rewards.
This includes business and veterinary specialists with years of expertise.​

Our Mission​​
VEN's mission is dedicated to helping DVM's achieve their professional goals while improving the quality of life for people, the planet and pets through quality education and industry relationships.

​Our Goal​​
To provide the resources, strategies and tools needed to make your practice successful.  If you're successful, the entire industry is successful.​

Our Motto​​
Be the person your dog thinks you are!
VEN offers a culture where customer service and value are not lip service, but are the essence and soul of everything we do. We are niche market specialists who have a deep knowledge of the veterinary industry.

We focus on:​​

•    Quality continuing education and training
•    Marketing and sales training
•    Collaboration opportunities
•    Elevating industry standards
•    Building successful teams
•    Recognition of excellence

VEN Giving Back
This month we salute

Our Core Values

• Act with Integrity –Focus on the customer
• Treat others with respect and truth
• Be open to new ideas and concepts regardless of the source
• Honor relationships
• Be Innovative and take risks
• Be a responsible citizen of our community and give back


Our Company and Values​​​
VEN was formed in 2010 as a result of a need to provide quality continuing education as it relates to running a more profitable and efficient veterinary business.

VEN is committed to the veterinary community and maintaining a code of values is vital to our business.
Our business is about relationships and every relationship requires understanding, honesty, and sincere communication.

Relationships are about people.

VEN is about people. Our commitment to people begins with each individual on our team and extends professionally with every interaction with your clients and their customers.​

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