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Our Mission

VEN's mission is dedicated to helping the veterinarian community by providing relevant continuing education and tools to achieve their professional goals while improving the quality of life for people, the planet and animals through quality veterinary education and industry relationships.


Our goal is to make you more successful. We guarantee it.
We have the expertise, the contacts, the tools and the industry resources available at our fingertips to help you meet your goals.








"I found the information presented by Mark Middleton and his colleagues at the Veterinary Education Network compelling, insightful, and useful.

It was time well spent.”
Marcus A. Roeder MBA, CVPM
Dublin Animal Hospital
Hospital Administrator/Owner

American Animal Hospital Association

Board of Directors: Director of Practice Management
AAHA Educational Committee



Animal Rescue Groups

Welcome to Veterinary Education Network  (VEN)

     Our Purpose

Veterinary Education Network (VEN) helps your business align with pets, pet owners, veterinary community, animal rescue

and pet lovers to build business.   Our goal is to improve  the overalll quality of care in the veterinary industry.

Interested in working with animal rescue groups for your corporation? 


Interested in a Vet-Cation?
Volunteer to help animals worldwide. 

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