Elisa Thompson, MBA

Elisa is a marketing expert with over 22 years of hands-on marketing, with 10 of those years solely dedicated to serving the veterinary industry.                                     

As the Senior Marketing Manager for DVM Resources (Animal Health International) the leading distributor of animal health product responsible she was responsible for developing purchasing plans for veterinarians with over 20,000 products and 150 vendors.

In addition, she led the marketing direction for Burns Vet Supply and worked many years as marketing specialist with Coca Cola North America.  She has her MBA in Business Marketing.


Elisa brings a unique marketing perspective from the vendor viewpoint to show veterinarians how to capitalize on their relationships with their vendors.

She is a dynamic speaker who brings extensive marketing research and data that supports her strategies in how you can improve profits, build client loyalty and develop a brand for your practice and not spend money doing so. She has received many awards for her ability to build relationships and in women’s leadership.

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