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Our Services

Do we offer a broad spectrum of services? ABSOLUTELY!

Continuing education workshops are available locally, regionally, nationally and worldwide with a unique twist!

VEN brings the best talent to the table to provide experienced knowledge in multiple areas of business operations. We leverage our experience and industry connections on your behalf to help your practice grow, reshape your image in the community and ultimately, increase the bottom -line profits for your clinic.


We offer:


Event Planning & Marketing

Full-Scale Consulting Services and a Network of Experts to help you

Public Relations and Communications Support

Association Management Services for your VMA

Community Outreach Coordination

Collaboration with Industry Partners to develop and facilitate advisory boards, clinical trials, market  research and more

VetCation Programs

Marketing, website and social media support

..................and so much more.

All available through VEN, along with access to industry resources and tools to help your clinic operate at peak level!

"It's been such a long while since we first met. 

You organized a spectacular black-tie event in Dallas at which I was an honored guest.

It was sensational, and everyone had a great evening. The next one was a "come as your favorite animal" one will forget that one!

I brought you in to meet the Board of Actors & Others for Animals so they could pick your brain!!!!  Through the years I have been awed by the affairs you assemble........but most importantly: your events raise the funds, they make friends because they're fun and entertaining, and they get the information out there. In short, your events work!"

--Loretta Swit, Award winning Actress, Artist and Animal Advocate (Board of Directors: Actors and Others for Animals)

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