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Subscriber Service- Daily Email Marketing Tips

Want new ideas to post on your website or for Social Media?

Need Ideas to Drive New Business?

Marketing your Clinic Services and Products a Challenge?





 You will receive a daily email with the following:


Date/ Significance of the Day (ranges from holiday, a special reason to celebrate or simply an unique idea or the day)


Marketing Tip: how to use this day to educate your clients, staff or community; this includes what you can post on Facebook, in your newsletter, promote in the clinic or on your website. VEN will include ways to partner with your vendors (where applicable).


Product/Services: how to tie specific products or services with the day. Please note your clinic may not offer all services.


Please note these are to be used as guidelines, ideas can be customized

based on your clinic, services and staff.

How Does It Work?



Special Offer of $99.00 if you sign up by Dec 31, 2015 for one year of tips.  That's 365 for $99.00

(price increase to $299  Jan 1, 2016)


Don't want daily emails?  We offer once/month with detailed attachements or weekly options. Click here to email us to request more details.


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Terms:  One Year Subscription



Hint: Ask your vendors to offer to provide this service for you.




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