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8:30pm: Q&A




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Continuing Education credits will apply




Current Trends in Animal Behavior

 Dinner Programs Earn CE Credits


When you leave this workshop, you will:

•  never approach your business the same way!

•  have the tools and resources necessary to make practice changes!


Have dinner with industry experts Dr. Valerie Tynes, DVM, DIPL, DACVB and Elisa Thompson, M.B.A  has they talk about current trends and marketing strategies in animal behavior.


Join the industry experts as they explore the current trends in animal behavior, how to recognize and treat fear, anxiety, and behavior problems of companion animals.  You will also learn how to implement the various treatment options into your marketing plan to build your business and expand profits centers in your clinic.

Learning objectives


 As a result of attending this CE program you will be able to: 


  • Recognize the various symptoms of animal behavior issues in dogs and cats.

  • Treatment options for them.

  • Identify how to use animal behavior treatment options to build new business and expand existing business.

  • Create new profit centers.


Dinner Program Sponsors

Dr. Valerie Tynes, DVM, DIPL, DACVD

Elisa Thompson, M.B.A, Marketing

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