Adrian K. Barfield

Adrian Barfield has spent the majority of his 23-year career in the pharmaceutical industry.                                     

Throughout his career, Mr. Barfield has gained experience in sales, marketing, training and executive leadership while working for The Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Eli Lilly and Company based in Princeton, New Jersey and Indianapolis, Indiana, respectively. 

Immediately prior to pursuing opportunities in the Private Sector, Mr. Barfield served as the Executive Director of Lilly’s United States Oncology Business Unit. 


In 2005, he joined Medical Media Holdings (MMH), a privately held (Providence Equity Partners) continuing medical education (CME) organization and served as Chief Marketing Officer, overseeing revenue generation for the organization until fall 2007 when he co-founded Tiba Oncology, LP (TIBA), serving as its CEO. 


P4 Healthcare and Cardinal Health acquired TIBA in 2010 and until recently, Mr. Barfield served as Vice-President and General Manager of the Healthcare Analytics and Marketing Communications sector of Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions.


Mr. Barfield joined VEN in 2013 and will serve as an Executive Vice-President (EVP) overseeing the global commercial efforts including new product development.


 Originally from Dallas, Mr. Barfield obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin.


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